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 Welcome to RAMSyncDrive. The persistent ramdisk with automatic synchronization to your hard drive. Performance for apps and processes on your Macintosh, combined with the security of a hard drive. Automatically without further effort. The drive can be easily used via USB flash drive to another computer.

 The special feature of RAMSyncDrive
 To combine the advantages and disadvantages, „RAMSyncDrive“ is capable regularly save the contents of the ramdisk on a hard drive. This makes it very fast, because a Synchronization between ramdisk, and harddisk will be used. Here will only modified or new files are written to disk.

Please note that a residual risk remains and you use this software on your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any lost data!

 Examples of applications
 1. Ramdisk as storing temporary files

2. Ramdisk to speed up Applications

3. Accelerate processes

4. Drive as a summary of your favorites

 Download the manual of the app:

Manual Version 1.00 in PDF-Format


 RAMSyncDrive download
 New Version:

64 Bit, Darkmode and Retina support.

RAMSyncDrive supports macOS from Version 10.11 and higher. Now available signed by Apple for the Macintosh. Welcome Catalina. 😃✌🏻

Version 1.0.2

Interested on a 32 Bit version for Mac OS X 10.7 and higher? Request by email E-Mail possible.

 For support questions please contact us at: support@zsystems.de

 Why a Ramdisk?
 A RAMDisk is a disk in the computer‘s memory.


- Performance of accessing the drive. This is the fastest way of access and that is higher than the speed of hard drives and SSD drives.

- Reducing wear with less access to the hard disk drives

- Lower energy requirements when accessing a ramdisk. Hard drives can run longer in „run power saving mode“. For mobile use, a RamDisc increases runtime of a notebook, because reduce access to hard disk.


- The data are volatile in the memory of the computer and to a power failure or Restarting this lost. From the disadvantage also results an advantage: Have you temporary files like landing on a hard disk and are forgotten, they fit well to a ramdisk. This can be downloads and other things.

 Experience report
 „RAMSyncDrive“ has been used for a few months as a drive for current projects. These are, for example, solutions in a virtual machine with „Windows Server 2008“ and „Visual Studio 2010„. The respective solution lies on ramdisk and is integrated as a volume in Windows. This speeds up debugging processes and publications of. Net solutions.

„Xojo“ projects are also on ramdisk and start of a project with the IDE for Mac OS X is accelerated.


 Aktuelle Versionen
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