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 Nice experience ...
 ... without search for it. Let surprise you with Desktop Presantation on your Macintosh.

Enjoy pictures, movies, websites and music when you are using your Macintosh.

Caution makes addicted! But you can dose (configure) it free.

 Explore your pictures and movies

Over the years, pictures and movies accumulate on your Macintosh! Memories you will not see again.

Desktop Presentation has different concepts, to make media accessible to you, when you use your Macintosh. ...

Note: Pictures, movies, websites and songs are not included in Desktop Presentation. The app will present your own media.

 Listen your music

Enjoy your music with pictures and websites.

For selecting a song helps the optimized random, a filter, and you can move through your music.

Do you hear an artist that you like at the moment, stop the random at the Music and enjoy a song of this artist, again.

Use the Filter for a topic such as "Moon".

 Fast Mode

Move from now into the future with a slideshow

You see a memory. Start the fast mode and the media move automatically in the future. This mode can also be started with random media.

Now sit back and enjoy.

 Optimized Random

You can rediscover all your media.

At start of the app, that will search a „media of a day" at the current date from previous years. So you can remember what in previous years, on this day has happened. Maybe you discover a forgotten birthday or other wonderful experiences?

If there is no „media of a day", then a media of a month will found. Maybe You can get a good idea of what you can experience this month again?

If both are not found, then is rolled. However, the media will preferred which you have never or less seen before.

 saving energy

On travel with your notebook.

Find media home at the socket and on travel save energy. Turn off the search for media in the remote control.

Natural you can see all media that was already found.


The app adapts to your desires

Save folders where pictures, movies or songs will found. Manage your websites, place a interval for the change of media, activate the app with each change, deactivate music, control the screensaver and much more.

Simple handling.


Let you surprise in lunch break

The screensaver is fully configurable and starts, when you not move your mouse.

 Other Application Ideas

Furthermore fun will you have with the following ideas:

Your individual television

Use your Mac on TV or as "TV". Setup in remote control „display only movies“ and your video evening starts. Let you surprise from the app, what you see and have a experience of your own TV channel. See Broadcasts that you love and the app selects for you the content.

Of course you can choose specific movies by filter. Or you enjoy pictures and websites between your movies.

Be your own program director.

Individual television for you and your family.

 Other idea:

Based on the Pomodoro_Technique

Split your working day in 25 minutes intervals by picture change.

Start and enjoy your break with a beautiful picture.

 Supported formats

For your media, the app supports the following formats:

 Desktop Presentation
 Welcome to Desktop Presentation. The app for a new experience of your photos, movies, songs and websites.

Desktop Presentation find your media and you can enjoy a view of past moments. See movies you love and let you present websites with music on your Macintosh.

 Questions, wishes and improvements?

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on improvements.

For support questions you contact, please:

Under next you see the new features of version 1.3.2.

 Why this app and what concepts are followed?

Your pictures, movies and music are on your Mac and often forgotten. Desktop Presentation gives you access to these media again. A picture or movie is shown in a desired interval. You can turn on your music.

Can I also use the app as a video player for movies?

Yes, no problem and load the movies you like to your hard drive. Use Desktop Presentation Remote for iOS or a Bluetooth keyboard as a remote control.

Can I play messages?

Yes, convert texts with your Macintosh. These are saved as ".m4a" and the app can recognise them. As soon as you start music in the app, they will be played.

Safari supports "Add as spoken track to "Music"" under "Services". Between your music can be presented with news that you find exciting.

 Remote available
 smart control of your media with iOS.


Your media will presented in browser. The window to your Media

The browser is a "slice" (window) on your desktop. Windows of each Macintosh app can fly over this slice.

The Dock of Mac OS X can be permanently displayed. If this disappears and the browser in fullscreen, this reacts to your mouse movement (on all sides of the browser). Now you can display the Mac OS X Dock or menu from Desktop Presentation.

The app will you not impede at your work on Mac. Just casually enjoy.

 Enjoy the websites you like

Surf directly in a picture as background.

A website is a medium such as a picture, movie or song. The optimized random will use this such as every other media. Add your Favorites. Save news, videos, or other websites that you like.

You will like selecting your bookmarks with fulltext search.

 A different view on websites

Take a look with different search engines.

A selection of search engines helps you to find new websites. Enjoy your different view on websites.

 Interaction of your media

Perhaps, a picture, movie or website reminds you …

… on a song. A song reminds you of a search for websites or other events in your media.

Let you fascinated and inspired.

 Share memories with your friends

Share what you discover.

You see an picture, movie or website. Send this directly via email.

 Wallpaper mode

Smart in background on your Mac.

The wallpaper of your desktop will replaced at random intervals.

You can also set the actual picture in browser to your wallpaper on desktop.

 Friendly operation

Move comfortably via remote control through your media

With a right-click menu in the browser you can move in your media. You can stop the Change from this, setup filter and a fast reach all configurations of the app.

Here will thought along. If you add Web-Apps in Desktop Presentation, the right-click menu of this app will not overlapped.

Of course, is a classic menu also available.


 Aktuelle Versionen
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Die App für ein neues Erlebnis Deiner Bilder, Filme, Songs und Websites auf Deinem Macintosh

Ergänzung für
Desktop Presentation verfügbar. Smarte Steuerung von Medien mit iOS.

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