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 Explore your pictures and movies
- Automatic detection where your media is on the hard disk

- No import. The media stay where they are and will not changed. No additional disk space will wasted by a copy

- Built in browser will be scaled a picture or video fit to your screen

- You can put a picture as wallpaper on your desktop

- At regular intervals, a medium will shown. Here decide
the optimum chance of the app, which medium will shown.
Of course, you can filter and determining which media the app can use

- If you like a memory, then you can move forward and backward in there. Or you just enjoy this moment.


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 »» Desktop Presentation
Die App für ein neues Erlebnis Deiner Bilder, Filme, Songs und Websites auf Deinem Macintosh

Ergänzung für
Desktop Presentation verfügbar. Smarte Steuerung von Medien mit iOS.

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