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 Desktop Presentation Remote
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Desktop Presentation
im Mac App Store.

The app for a new experience of your photos, movies, songs and websites.

Desktop Presentation find your media and you can enjoy a view of past moments. See movies you love and let you present websites with music on your Macintosh.

Enjoy pictures, movies, websites and music when you are using your Macintosh.

Caution makes addicted! But you can dose (configure) it free.

 The smart remote for:
 - Calling your photos and movies

- Control your movies

- Start music on your mac

- Filter your media by date and full text

- Set the search term to a channel

- Choose a channel to quickly view the media that you like

- Enable Random and fast Slideshow (fast mode)

Performs within your WLAN (per Mac is one remote possible) and is free for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) available

Note: Pictures, movies and songs are not included in Desktop Presentation and Remote. The apps will present your own media.

 Questions, wishes and improvements?

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on improvements.

For support questions you contact, please:

Under next you see the new features of version 1.2.

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 Aktuelle Versionen
 »» Desktop Presentation
Die App für ein neues Erlebnis Deiner Bilder, Filme, Songs und Websites auf Deinem Macintosh

Ergänzung für
Desktop Presentation verfügbar. Smarte Steuerung von Medien mit iOS.

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