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 Using Dropbox

Logging on and off at a Dropbox can be reached by a touch on the account. In screen not connected.

Log on to the dropbox.

Soon as you activate, "content when changing Dropbox upload completely new", is when you log off the current Dropbox, backed up your dictionary to complete this. When you log back on another Dropbox, the content will be completely removed from the existing dictionary.

If this option as shown in screen, when switching to another drop box, the contents of the current dictionary synchronized with the content of the dictionary Drobbox.

Synchronization with your current account can be reached by the touch of the cloud. First the new data is synchronized from the server and then put the entire dictionary to the server. This may vary depending on volume last 3 minutes. For this, you can work with multiple devices and people in the team.

Data from the address book will not synchronize. These are individual for a device. They are used, then the entry will be add a a word in dictionary. Now, the word will synchronize to Dropbox

The app uses a simple encryption for transmission to the dropbox.


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