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 The dictionary
The views you switch:

= today used entries

= Notes and text modules

= Words in your dictionary

Today used entries. Notes and text modules are sorted to the top. The most recently used entries are made up.

Notes and text modules in order of their current use. New entries are in all views with a highlighted.

The learned words in your dictionary sorted by date and by using the alphabet.

Create a note or text module. These are the proposals, marked with a green dot.

Use search full-text search within the texts, which starts with the input already. Loading is shown at top left.

The result will then appear.

Select an entry from the list. This will open in view of the already known to you. New display is how often the entry of you were already used in texts. The higher use, the earlier entry on the proposals as you type is displayed.

Of course, you can remove the text from the dictionary. Use the trash in the bottom corner.

Clipboard, email, SMS (iPhone) and the browser you already know.


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